Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Last Storm?

We all knew there was going to be one more big nasty snow, and yesterday it arrived. The fact that it happened on a weekend when I had to be working anyway somehow made it better. I mean, if it were beautiful sunny weather and I had to be inside working, that would be actually more depressing.

Of course I trudged into my office. All my books are there.

I wore the "thinking cap." It's an old tradition. It's actually an enormous, Pocket of Bolts sized hat that someone made for him a long time ago. I wore it while I was studying for my generals, and periodically since then. It's just kind of comforting.

Driving snow and icy trees outside one of the classroom buildings. I was on my way to the library, tracking down references for those last pesky footnotes.

Pocket of Bolts and I have decided that since this is my spring break, it's important to both work hard and try to do something a little bit fun each day. So, after I put in more or less a full day's work, we went out to see a movie. We went to Brew and View, the crazy Chicago theater where they sell beer as well as popcorn. It's in a really old building, and actual theater I think. I took some pictures with my iPhone, and although they came out dark, they're kind of interesting.

We saw Sherlock Holmes. The sound in Brew and View was impressively bad, so some of the dialogue--especially given the medley of partially artificial British-type accents--was lost on us. But, clearly the main point of the movie was the action, which came through just fine.

Dragon Kite

Pocket of Bolts got a dragon kite for his birthday, so on Friday evening we decided to go out and fly it. We'd had several days of spring weather, temperatures in the 60s and sunshine. But there was a cold front coming in, meaning a good strong wind. We rode an articulated bus down to Northerly Island. Articulated buses are so interesting.

Here is Pocket of Bolts assembling the kite, although it kind of looks like he's trying to slay the dragon.

Here is the dragon in flight. There are also two little birds up in the corner. All these pictures are taken with my iPhone, which means the resolution isn't all that great. On the other hand, with all the running around and grabbing strings and such, it was much more convenient than having to lug the big camera around.

The dragon kite swoops down over the city of Chicago. Pocket of Bolts flying it is the small black shape in the middle.

Close up of me and the dragon kite. It was getting dark, which is why it looks grainy.

The road home. By the time night fell, it was getting really cold. Since we were dressed more for spring than for winter, we got quite chilled! But we made it okay in the end.